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Acrylic Rhinestones

2mm Acrylic Rhinestones

2mm Black Rhinestones

2mm Clear Rhinestones

2mm Crystal AB Rhinestones

2mm Dark Blue Rhinestones

2mm Gold Rhinestones

2mm Pale Pink Rhinestones

2mm Pink Rhinestones

2mm Purple Rhinestones

2mm Red Rhinestones

3mm Acrylic Rhinestones

3mm Aqua Rhinestones

3mm Black Rhinestones

3mm Clear Rhinestones

3mm Crystal AB Rhinestones

3mm Dark Blue Rhinestones

3mm Gold Rhinestones

3mm Green Rhinestones

3mm Hot Pink Rhinestones

3mm Lilac Rhinestones

3mm Mixed Rhinestones

3mm Pink Rhinestones

3mm Red Rhinestones

3mm Silver Rhinestones

3mm Turquoise Rhinestones

3mm Violet Rhinestones

4mm Acrylic Rhinestones

4mm Black Rhinestones

4mm Clear Rhinestones

4mm Crystal AB Rhinestones

4mm Dark Blue Rhinestones

4mm Gold Rhinestones

4mm Hot Pink Rhinestones

4mm Mixed Rhinestones

4mm Pink Rhinestones

4mm Red Rhinestones

4mm Silver Rhinestones

4mm Turquoise Rhinestones

4mm Violet Rhinestones

Glass Rhinestones

1.8mm (SS6) Crystal AB Glass Rhinestones

2.3mm (SS8) Crystal AB Glass Rhinestones

2.8mm (SS10) Crystal AB Glass Rhinestones

3mm (SS12) Crystal AB Glass Rhinestones

Flat Back Pearls

3mm Pearls

3mm Ivory Flat Back Pearls

3mm Mixed Pastel Flat Back Pearls

3mm Pink Flat Back Pearls

3mm White Flat Back Pearls

4mm Pearls

4mm Ivory Flat Back Pearls

4mm Mixed Pastel Flat Back Pearls

4mm Pink Flat Back Pearls

4mm White Flat Back Pearls

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