Our Rhinestones

Our Acrylic Rhinestones are made from high quality acrylic. Each Rhinestone is cut with 14 facets giving them the brilliance and reflective quality of glass rhinestones but at a much lower price.

We also sell quality Glass Rhinestones which can be used as a cheaper alternative to Preciosa or Swarovski rhinestones.

Our Glass Rhinestones conform to EU No 836/2012 safety standards for lead content.

All our rhinestones are non hotfix with flat silver foiled backs. Please see below for suitable glues.

If you would like to check the quality of our Rhinestones before you place an order please order one of our sample bags.

We supply rhinestones and embellishments to dance studios, retailers, dancewear suppliers, costume designers, crafters and many small businesses that specialise in customising shoes and clothing.

What glue to use

As our rhinestones are high quality acrylic and glass they are suitable for use with industrial strength glues such as E6000.

They do not loose any of their shine or sparkle, unlike poorer quality rhinestones that tend to discolour and dull.

Gem Tac, a non-toxic water based adhesive, is also suitable for attaching our rhinestones to porous materials like fabric, wood and suede as well as smooth surfaces such as glass, vinyl and metal.